Spore germination tek

Spore germination kit

Germinating your spores will give you much better results and speed up the process.

Step 1:  Simply take your pre measured liquid culture base and inject it into your jar

Step 2: Add 250 ml of Non chlorinated water ( jar has a mark)

Step 3: Close lid and cover it with aluminum foil ( to keep water off the filter patch)

Step 4: Sterilize the best method is to Pressure cook jar for about 45 min

Step 5: inject your spores

 It is important to use a sterile method when injecting your spores. The simplest way is.  First wipe injection port with alcohol wipe or paper towel soaked in alcohol. Wear gloves if needed and use a  lighter to flame the tip of the needle till red. Then place the tip while red into a folded alcohol wipe or paper towel soaked in alcohol. This allows you to prepare to inject without risk of recontamination getting your needle tip right to your injection port. Pull needle out and inject it into the port. After about 5 days you will see a cloudy fuzz forming this is the mycelium growing. Some people spray lysol or a disinfectant but this is not a must.

It is important to swirl your jar during this time to keep the mycelium broken up. Repeat the sterile needle tek each time you inject a needle to withdraw mycelium to prevent contamination.

Without a pressure cooker it can be done using a microwave to boil your Liquid culture or a water bath canner but these methods may not be as effective as the above described.