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BLUE MAGIC 10 cc Blue oyster mushroom liquid culture syringe

This is our 10 cc of Blue Oyster mushroom liquid culture.

Morchella Importuna

This is our (Morchella Importuna) Black Morel mushroom liquid culture syringe. This syringe is 10 cc's of live culture. Simply inject 2 to 4 cc of culture into you starter subsrtate (Rye Grain) and allow to colonize. This is intended for outdoor but can be grown indoors. Once your grain is fully colonized add it to your substrate by mixing it in and allow it to colonize the substrate.

Morel mushroom spore kit

This is our Morel mushroom spores in elm wood shavings. Each bag contains a actual morel mushrooms with attached spores with about an ounce of elm wood shavings as a carrier for any spores that drop off the mushroom. Each kit will come with instructions for spreading as well as instructions on making your own spore slurry.