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Psilocybe Cubensis 10 cc b+ strain spore syringe microscopy kit

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This is our b+ strain of Psilocybe Cubensis spore syringe.

Cap: 25-75 mm in diameter. Dark red maturing to golden brown, Fine fibrous veil when young that soon disappear. Flesh white that soon bruise's bluish green.

Stem: 150-200 mm in length yellowish in color enlarged sometimes at the base, sheen and bruise's bluish, hollow. Partial veil membrane.

Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. Grayish in color when young turning black when mature.

Spores: Dark purplish brown, Subellipsoid, 13 by 8 micrometers on 4 spored basidia

  * spores intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Images are for educational use and study. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries including the U.S. please check your local regulations.

California, Idaho, and Georgia residents: orders requesting Psilocybe Genera spores will be refused, canceled, or refunded possession of these spores may be illegal without proper permission.

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